Shilipu, Hubei Province (Baoshan) and Mashan


At Shilipu, Jinmen City, Hubei Province, the Baoshan tomb complex was discovered

Map showing location of Shilipu

Coloured lacquered Chu coffin

with five tombs and nested coffins that preserve vibrant colours with dragon-phoenix motifs.

Coloured lacquered Chu  coffin


At Mashan, also in Hubei province, more tombs were found with nested coffins and silks.

Map showing location of Mashan

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Gauze sleeve (114cm) from 4th-3rd century burial dress, Tomb 1, Mashan, Hubei

A middle-aged woman who is thought to have died around 300BC was bruied with with 35 pieces of clothing.

Gauze  sleeve

Painted lacquer coffin (184cm) from Baoshan

Another tomb with four chambers belonged to a man who died in 313.This is the innermost of his nested coffins.

Painted  lacquer coffin