Changsa, Hunan Province (Maoshan)


The kingdom of Changsha

Chu power extended south to the Yangtze River valley. Changsha became important to the Qin for trade and by 202 was already a fortified city.

During the 1930s graves were discovered here with

Map showing the kingdom of Changsha

luxury goods, such as this painted lacquer bowl

Lacquered bowl

Painting on the bowl

whose painting is reconstructed in this drawing, and

Drawing of the painting on the bowl

Painting on silk from Zidanku, Changsha

painting on silk. This 'banner', which may be as early as the 4th century, was found facing upwards over a deceased male, who may be depicted here riding a dragon that appears to leap towards heaven.

Painting  on silk from Zidanku

Han period silk banner from Changsha/Mawangdui

The famous 'banner' of Lady Dao, worked a century or more later, in the Han period, was also found in Changsha.

Han period silk banner