Beni Hasan


At the end of the 4th millennium the area around Minya, downstream from Amarna, was a powerful independent state.

Around 3200, when Menes united Egypt, it became an important centre that continued to flourish into the 2nd millennium after which it declined.

Map showing the location of Beni Hasan

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Beni Hasan tombs

The elite of Minya were buried in rock cut tombs nearby at Beni Hasan.

Most of these tombs date to the 2nd and early 1st millennium. They  seem to have been for high ranking officials.

Apart from the tombs there is a temple from the time of Queen Hatshepsut.

Photo - Tombs - Beni Hasan

Painting with wrestlers from tomb 15

Today the tombs are known for their paintings that reveal many aspects of ancient life - here a great range of wrestling techniques.

Painting  with wrestlers from tomb 15